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Costs Escalating? Employees not happy? We make benefit plans affordable and flexible.

If you are a business owner, CFO, Human Resources professional or General manager, and have been tasked with reviewing your companies benefit plan, we can assist you. If you do not have a plan and are researching your first plan, you’ve come to the right place. We educate our clients to ensure you understand all the options and can make an informed choice.

Benefit Plans are an important part of compensation and a significant cost. Many employers have benefit plans that were designed years ago and never updated for their current demographic and corporate culture. Don’t be caught with an uncompetitive plan. We’ll ask some questions to help you find the benefits solution that is both cost-effective and that is attractive to your employees.

Questions like:
What is your corporate culture? What are you hoping to achieve by implementing a plan? What are your objectives? Are you trying to match your plan to an industry standard? Does your employee demographic have a mix of generations? Are all your employees full-time, or do you employ a number of contractors? Does a separate class of benefits for executives and managers make sense for your company? Are there any employees who you would characterize as critical to the success of the company? Would an employee survey on benefits make your employees feel engaged? And more….

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Individual Benefit Plan Solutions

Business Owners need Individual Coverage to protect the business and their family from the financial impact of death or disability. We’ve been taught to protect the assets of our business but sometimes forget the person who generates the assets…. You. If you own a business and were unable to come to work today, what would happen to the business? It could survive a day, perhaps a week, maybe a month… but what would happen if your condition was serious? Could you continue to draw earnings when the business needs to hire another manager? Or perhaps you need to consider selling but it can take a number of months before the right buyer is found, can you keep it running for a year, maybe 2? If you have a business partner, do you have a buy/sell agreement that lays out the rules for your partner to buy your shares? Or will your spouse have to deal with your business partner(s)? Do you lie awake at night and worry that your family’s financial wellbeing is exposed because you haven’t protected yourself? These and other business continuity concerns can be mitigated by having an insurer take the risk.

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Travelling? Get covered!
Whether you are off on a cruise or going to Macy’s in Buffalo for some shopping therapy, crossing the border means you are at risk for the cost of hospitalization and emergency care if you have an unexpected medical emergency. Make sure you are covered.
It’s fast, simple and inexpensive.

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