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Business Overhead Coverage

Business Overhead Coverage is a very tax efficient insurance product as it reimburses fixed overhead expenses if you become disabled, and the premium is a business expense. This insurance allows the doors to remain open while you concentrate on recovery and is payable for up to 2 yrs. Some of the expenses that can be reimbursed are:

• Accounting Fees
• Advertising (if you have a signed contract in place)
• Bank Charges
• Depreciation
• Employee Wages & Benefits
• Equipment Lease & Rental Payments
• Equipment Loan Principal & Interest
• Insurance Premiums for Property, Liability & Malpractice
• Janitorial Services
• Membership Fees (for Professional Organizations only)
• Mortgage (Principal or Depreciation)
• Office Rental Fees
• Office Supplies, Expenses & Postage
• Professional Dues & Licenses
• Property Taxes for the business
• Service Maintenance Contracts
• Telephone, Internet & Answering Services
• Utilities (Electricity, Water & Gas)
• Other Normal Customary Fixes Office Expenses

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