How do you judge when an
insurance broker has done a great job?

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When the client’s experience far exceeds their expectations.
Client retention is one of the measures of satisfied clients and our client retention is excellent.

Our clients know we care about them and their business. By offering objective, knowledgeable advice, we help them make important decisions about their benefit plans. And sometimes, we even present them with a refund if their premium was too high!

Looks like a happy client to us!

“ I had no idea there were so many options. We really appreciate the thorough analysis you presented us, it makes decision making much easier.” L.D. Barrie, ON

“ We didn’t think we could afford a benefit plan but The Benefits Edge structured it in a way that made it budgetable.”
A.M. Burlington, ON

“Where were you 5 yrs ago when I was wasting my money with xxxx. I can’t believe what we have for the same premium!”
W. W. Burlington, ON

“We couldn’t believe it when you told us we were getting a refund cheque. That really helped our bottom line last year!”
L.C. St. Catharines, ON

“ I was starting to think about cancelling the benefit plan because I knew our claims were low and still the insurance company kept raising our rates. Our new plan is a much better solution for us.”
D.C. Mississauga, ON

“We’ve been working with The Benefits Edge for about 15 yrs. We have complete trust that you are looking after our best
J.V. Mississauga, ON

Celebrating 25 years +  in business serving our valued clients.

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