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Are you looking after your parents in their old age?  Do you envision your children being able to look after you?  No?  You are not alone… most people want to ensure they are looked after by professionals to ensure their dignity and quality of care.

This product should be called Baby Boomer Insurance. Long Term Care (LTC) is a product that provides funds for nursing care in the home or a facility when you are no longer able to care for yourself.   Funds can be used for nurses, custodial services, hair/nail care, meals, transportation etc.

Retirement savings can quickly erode when paying for nursing assistance. We are living longer but our capacity for an independent lifestyle is not assured. Savings might survive one partner requiring care but how much will be left for the survivor? Most people would much rather remain in their home as they age versus moving into a nursing care facility. If you are healthy enough to take care of your partner, you will still need support to take your place while you recoup. Caregivers can sometimes exhaust themselves and that is unhealthy for both the patient and the caregiver. Long Term Care insurance provides funds in either a reimbursement contract or a reserve that is accessed to pay for services at home or room and board in a facility.

The cost of care is only going to escalate as the Baby Boomer generation moves into retirement. Purchasing a LTC contract TODAY gives you peace of mind that you will have the financial resources to make choices for care as well as ensuring that the estate you want to leave your family is not depleted.

Long-Term Health Care: A Look Inside the Often-Baffling System

For more information on Long Term Care Insurance, click here for a brochure from the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association.

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Long Term Care coverage offers funds for Home Care and for a Long Term Care facility when the time comes.   Its peace of mind so you know you will be looked after with dignity.

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